It is cent per cent correct to call Vietnam land of astonishing beauty. The country is located in southeast Asia. If you've always considered Vietnam as the collection of bustling cities that aren't lovely at all, there's much more left for you to explore.

Moreover, Vietnam is the hub of pristine beaches, picturesque mountains, babbling rivers, and exquisite Buddhist pagodas. If that's not enough, the astonishing scenery alone is worth a trip to the beautiful country. Plan your holidays to explore the beauty of Vietnam.

Once you're in Vietnam, it might get confusing for you to decide where to go and which place to explore. To make your decision smooth, here is a list of some of the most beautiful places in Vietnam. No matter if you are busy or have little time left, your trip remains incomplete without a visit to these places. Hence, it would be best if you ask your travel agency to incorporate these places into your itinerary.


The bustling city, Hanoi, has an unmatched blend of history and modernity. Every part of the town – from busy markets to the beautiful tree-lined boulevards, from the Grand Opera House to the quaint cafes, from Saint Joseph Cathedral to the Presidential Palace – has many exciting things to offer to its visitors.

Besides, the whole town is like a museum presenting the architectural art of French colonies. With a lot of historical significance, it is a must-visit place in Vietnam.

Sa Pa

Once you're in Sa Pa, you'll feel like you're in heaven. To be literal, it is exactly like you imagine heaven to be. Extremely quiet, stunningly beautiful, surrounded by scenic mountains, clear weather, traditional villages, and a diversity of hill tribes is what describes the city perfectly.

Moreover, the town is used as a base for trekking in Hoang Lien Son mountains. So, trekkers, here you have another activity to do while witnessing the stunning beauty of nature.

Tours are also available to aide tourists in village exploring and mountain hiking. The tours include areas presenting scenic views of beautiful waterfalls, opportunities to experience local delicacies and to understand the life of tribes.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a resort city that you can't miss on your trip. It is located on one of the most beautiful bays of Asia on the South-Central Vietnam coast. The seaside city has a lot in treasure for those who look for scenic beauty. From lush islands, picturesque beaches, and mountains to beautiful resorts, lovely promenades, and palm trees, everything can attract visitors. It's not a lie to say that this is what makes Vietnam the favourite destination for tourists and scuba divers.

Da Lat

Probably the most picture-perfect destination of Vietnam is the misty Valley of Da Lat that attracts a vast number of visitors from across the globe. Nature lovers visit the place to find their slices of paradise in this beautiful and gorgeous destination. Da Lat is a summer retreat destination that is blessed with idyllic scenery, salubrious climate, colourful flora, and lush pine trees.

For all those who spend their holidays and Vietnam and are looking for a respite from the heat of summer, Da Lat allows no other place to match its serenity and calmness. Explore the beauty on foot and click numerous Instagram snaps amid the picturesque landscapes.

Ho Chi Minh City

Every visitor who's looking for historical as well as modern attractions in a particular city, head to nowhere but the Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam. Once it was the capital of South Vietnam, but now it has everything that'll leave you satisfied and relaxed. Party animals define the city as the best place as it offers happening nightlife, beautiful silhouette and sleek skyscrapers.

It's incredibly chilling to enjoy the rhythm of the night in this city. The best that you can plan here is to be at one of the rooftop sky bars and enjoy the city lights at night.

My Son

For someone who enjoys witnessing archaeological sites, Vietnam has something extraordinarily impressive and important. My Son is an archaeological site near the Duy Phú village on the central coast of the country. It is crucial because, in ancient times, the kings of Champa Kingdom built several temples of Lord Shiva. Now, My Son is noted as one of the significant Hindu ceremonies in religious centres.


Like other travellers, you won't want to restrict your tour to known trails. So, even if you've been to Vietnam before, you should make it even more adventurous and memorable this time. Sailani Tours N Travels offers the complete package of travel planning services and helps you in arranging a wonderful trip to Vietnam. Pack your bags now and get ready with the travel agency to make many beautiful, relaxing, and lavish memories.

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