9 Adventure Sports That You Must Try in Uttarakhand, India

Sports In Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand can be described as a place of mountains and myths. The land of Gods, or as the Hindus loving to call it as ‘Dev Bhoomi' has much more to offer than the dramatic terrain which is covered with rivers, lakes, and holy peaks. The high-altitude trails and twisting roads lead to the most spectacular sites where several takes from the Hindu epics come to life.

Moreover, this is the place where the legend of renowned Jim Corbett continues to live and has an impeccable imprint of the long-gone British Raj. The plains and hills of Uttarakhand are snuggled up peacefully in the labyrinth of the mighty Himalayas. Be it Nanda Devi (the second highest peak) or the massive tiger population, mind-boggling adventure sports, and mesmerizing sights – Uttarakhand is a place that you want to visit.

The sheer natural beauty and availability of a diversity of activities here are what every wanderlust dreams of. Are you ready to plan your holidays? Here is a list of the perfect adventure sports to include in your tour and travel packages of Uttarakhand-

What Are Your Thoughts About Trekking?

Uttarakhand has bewitching mountain trails and Himalayan peaks. It is renowned for its popular trekking destination. Close your eyes and picture this – cascading water streams, undulating valleys that have been sprinkled with alluring forest, and snow-capped peaks.

All of which one can experience by travelling the path of enchanting trails. Kuari Pass, Bedni Bugyal, Valley of Flowers, Har ki Dun, Roop Kind, and Dodital are the most popular hiking trails.

An Unforgettable Experience Of White River Rafting

Yes, river rafting is a popular adventure sport here in Uttarakhand. Don't you want to explore the endless lakes and Ganges that flow here in Uttarakhand during your holidays? You can experience the thrill of this adrenaline rushing, fun sport in Bhagirathi, Alakananda, and Mori.

Take The Flight Of Fantasy, Paragliding

Who doesn't want to soar high up in the air and experience the beauty that lies in the sky? Now is the time on your holidays to experience adventures that you couldn't dream of for so long. Enjoy the eagle eye view that paragliding offers of the mountain-scape and lush surroundings.

If you are one of the adventure enthusiasts who are obsessed with unparalleled thrill, then these adventure-rich tour and travel packages are the right choices to make. Trained experts will help you take flight regardless of your experience in Ranikhet and Mukteshwar.

A Memorable Exposure To Fun Water Sports – Jet Skiing

It is an adventure sport that is bound to boost your adrenaline rush to a whole new level. The exotic lakes create a captivating background as one experience the thrill of a lifetime. Don't miss out on this exquisite water sports in Uttarakhand. Check out the holiday packages that guarantee you to offer a taste of paradise.

Get Ready To Glide Over The Snow – Skiing

If you have the passion and energy required to glide over the endless expanse of snow, then this is the adventure sport that you might want to get familiarized with. Don't hesitate to take up the challenge of taking up the delicate task of skiing through Auli, a mountains-cape that is all about the fascinating beauty. It is one of the best things to add in your holiday packages.

The Unregretful Episode That Is Brought About By Waterfall Rappelling

In the long list of challenging water activities to enjoy here in Uttarakhand, you must not overlook the beauty of waterfall rappelling. Rishikesh's steady waterfalls spiral down as you move steadily. The ideal place for this is the Chakrata waterfalls that will not only leave you with awe and desire to experience more but also bring you close to lush green landscapes.

Into The Land Of The Untamed Beasts – Elephant Safaris

One of the most notable places in India to experience elephant safaris is Uttarakhand. Corbett National Park has adventures that every traveller seeks and includes in their holiday packages. You can enjoy an excellent vantage point to observe the glory of nature and spot wildlife in their natural habitat.

Let It Go With Bungee Jumping

Don't hesitate to give this thrill embossed adventure sport a try. It is the queen of every adventure sport. Bungee Jumping can make you feel alive with the sudden rush of blood and heart-pounding away in your chest. Mohan Chatti is the best place to try it out as an abundance of natural beauty that surrounds it.

Kayaking Is A Must Try

How would you like to experience the splendid views that the rivers in Uttarakhand have to offer? New Tahri, Rishikesh, and Naini Lake offer amazing experiences that are bound to run chills down your spine.


If you are a seeker of thrill and adventure, then Uttarakhand will prove to be a real treasure for you. Choose the best tour and travel packages to make the most of your trip. Check out the long list of adventures that you can enjoy here. Sailani Tours N Travels, will ensure you have the best time of your life as you open yourself to unimaginable and fun experiences.

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