9 Best Monsoon Destinations=in India

Muddy water puddles, heavy rainfall and clogged roads- these things might have forced you to stay indoors. However, a person with an adventurous mind always thinks that this monsoon season is the right time to have an escape from everyday life and the summer heat. The earthy smell, cool winds and light raindrops give us a different feel. That is the glory of the rainy season, and you can realize it nowhere but in India. Lots of tour operators arrange a monsoon-special trip for enthusiastic travellers.

Let us have a view at the best Indian destinations, where Mother Nature dresses in a beautiful way on the monsoon season. You can choose one of these destinations and select your vacation packages.

Lonavala in Maharashtra

Lots of nature lovers arrive at this place during the rainy season for spectacular waterfalls, pleasant weather, the ghats and Sahyadri mountain ranges. The major attractions to the tourists are the Karla caves and amazing waterfall, located near Bushi dam. 

Besides, the Tiger point is also a preferable spot to the Indian monsoon lovers, as it gives you a view of a flowing stream.

Panchgani in Maharashtra

Please your eyes with alluring greeneries of Panchgani, located at a high altitude. To get the visual pleasure, you can have a view at the Kass plateau and Mahabaleshwar. 

So, you must ask your tour operators to include these places in your monsoon vacation packages accordingly.

Jim Corbett in Uttarakhand

If you are in Delhi, it takes 6 hours to reach Uttarakhand by driving your car. Both wildlife lovers and nature lovers prefer the Jim Corbett National Park. One of the best things is that you will not find this park too much crowded during the monsoon season. You may have heard a rumour that this park remains closed on this season for the tourists’ safety. 

However, there are four zones- Jhirna, Durga Devi, Bijrani and Dhikala, and the first one is open for tourists throughout the year. Arrange a jeep safari or Elephant Safari in the morning and you can have access to the forest to enjoy the scene of fauna and flora. In your tour packages, you must include the forest safari to experience the real essence.

Coorg in Karnataka

When you have chosen your Karnataka tour packages, you can reach Kodagu district to enjoy the hill station, Coorg. For its picturesque setting, we also call Coorg as the Scotland of India. The heavy rainfall makes the place more pleasant. 

Moreover, the surrounding lush green plants with waterfalls create a paradise. You may also indulge yourself in river rafting activities.


Do you think that Goa is a place to enjoy the sand, sun and surf on the beach? However, on the monsoon months, Goa has something different to offer you. You can enjoy a vibrant festival in this small Indian state. 

Apart from that, the fishing and the white water rafting are other thrilling activities to the tourists. Goa is the best place that makes your holidays enjoyable with the budget-friendly vacation packages

Koraput district in Odisha

Located near Eastern Ghat Mountains, Koraput is a tribal district, and you can find the charming green nature of this district on the rainy days. The clean and refreshing light rainfalls make you obsessed with the beauty of nature. It is a must-visit place for nature lovers due to the presence of valleys, forests and waterfalls which become more vibrant during monsoon.

Moreover, Rani Duduma waterfalls create a lively scene. You can stay somewhere at Goudaguda, known as pottery village.

Thrissur in Kerala

Found in Thrissur, Kerala, the largest waterfalls, Athirapally have become one of the major attractions to the travellers. These waterfalls become viewable to tourists every day from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm. 

However, other adjacent tourist spots include Butterfly garden, Thumboormuzhy Dam, Silverstorm water theme park, Dream World Amusement Park and Botanical Garden.

Bishnupur in West Bengal 

Known for terracotta crafts and architecture, Bishnupur is one of the prominent places in West Bengal. The terracotta temples, constructed during the 16th century, allure the tourists from various sites of the world. 

Interestingly, the rain washed terracotta structures obtain an eye-catching reddish-orange shade. Also, this place is known for Baluchari sarees, woven with distinctive motifs and pure silk.

Kutch in Gujarat

The Indian biggest district, Kutch, has more than 15 cultural tribes. The long desert plains look fantastic on the monsoon season. Furthermore, the white salt makes you feel that it is a white desert. Dhordo celebrates cultural programmes on full moon nights. 

Thus, you can enjoy the rich traditions and culture in Gujarat. Lots of travellers enjoy the camel safari when the moonlight illuminates the path of Rann of Kutch.


Therefore, the sparkling waterfall, flowing rainwater and the green settings at different Indian states create a heavenly beauty. Now, have you made your mind on your next monsoon trip to India? Visit the website of Sailani Tours N Travels, and choose your tour packages. They are one of the best tour operators in India. You can find an affordable package and make your trip successful in this monsoon.

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