Explore Charismatic Eastern Europe for an Enchanting Vacation

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is the hub of rich culture and illustrious history with a wide range of cities that will leave you spellbound. Tourists from all over the world look for holiday packages to the Eastern European cities to immerse themselves in sheer magnificence that lies in the nooks and crannies here.

Sailani tours can arrange a thrilling tour and travel packages to cities in this part of the world. Here are some of the places you must visit for an enthralling vacation in Europe.


Germany stands right at the heart of Europe and is one of the world’s most famous places for its history. Not only is it known for World War II but also for the well talked about the Berlin Wall which was taken down. From beaches and ports to medieval towns which take you back in time, Germany is the country that you must be in. Places like Rugen Island in Germany can take you close to the Baltic Sea where you can enjoy the view of the soothing waters from the seaside resorts and beaches.

If you wish to be at the centre of arts and culture, there is nothing like Cologne where the Cathedral and the Romanesque churches show you some of the best specimens of Gothic architecture. If you still couldn’t have enough of the medieval architecture, you must visit the Neuschwanstein Castle which has been the inspiration behind the Sleeping Beauty Castle of Disney. Surrounded by the Bavarian Alps, the fairy tale castle stands like a dream.

Also, remember to take a cruise down the Rhine for the most romantic view. The beauty around the Rhine Gorge with medieval castles and vineyards is a treat for the eyes.


If there is one word to describe Austria, it is picturesque. Austria looks straight out of an illustrated picture book with its mind-blowing natural beauty. Right from old cities with medieval architecture to marvellous natural beauty, Austria has got everything to make you live your dream vacation to Europe.

The first city that comes to mind while talking about Austria is definitely Vienna. It is a city of grandeur, being home to many palaces and museums and also being the place of Opera and Beethoven. Walking down the boulevard will leave you spellbound by the Austrian beauty. If Vienna is the home of Beethoven, Salzburg is home to Mozart.

Furthermore, the natural beauty of Salzburg with its meadows, hills and rivers is accentuated by the historical Baroque architecture. Another postcard town of Austria is Innsbruck without which your tour of Austria remains incomplete. Surrounded by alpine forests against a backdrop of rolling mountains, the old town with its delicate balance of art, nature and culture looks magical.

Also, if you are here in the summer, it is given that you have to visit Worthersee to enjoy the best of European summer capsuled in this small town resplendent with churches, caves and the beautiful Worthersee Lake where you can go for boating.


Hungary is a beautiful country with an abundance of history and nature to delight you. The twin cities of Buda and Pest and the river Danube make a magnificent view. The panoramic view of Buda and Pest is breathtaking to look at. The Chain Bridge and the Margaret Bridge are two of the most prominent tourist attractions here.

Moreover, the old town at Buda is also a UNESCO world heritage site because of its rich history, architecture and culture. The Buda Castle, the Matthias Church and the Fisherman’s Bastion are some of the most iconic places to see at Buda.

Furthermore, you can take a tour of the statues and memorials for World War victims as well as the Holocaust Museum. But don’t forget to leave the city without a romantic walk down the Margaret Island.

Czech Republic

Many tourists choose this unconventional country in Eastern Europe in their itinerary to have the best of untarnished architecture that gives a taste of the real Europe. The city of Prague is culturally significant because of its ancient heritage. One of the ancient cities in Europe, Prague has both Renaissance and Gothic architecture to boast of.

Besides, you can have a thrilling trip walking down the old city, visiting the churches, castles, cathedrals, the romantic Charles Bridge or the home of Kafka. Other than Prague, there are several other cities like Krumlov, housing the Bohemian castle, Karlovy Vary with its opulent architecture and magical treatments for several ailments and of course, Plzen, the home of Pilsner Beer.


Finally, another place that we would like to keep on this list is Slovakia because of its magnificent cities full of castles set against a backdrop of the refreshing mountain landscape. The beautiful palaces, castles and museums of the city beckon you to a fascinating world that you will never forget.


Eastern Europe is akin to a paradise on earth with its breathtaking combination of the best of nature and the best of history and culture. Sailani Tours N Travels has got several holiday packages for Eastern Europe that will let your dream come true.

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