Fun Things To Do In Bali

Bali has become the most preferred holiday destination for families, adventure lovers as well as honeymoon couples these days for the range of activities it offers to all visitors. Bali is a place that caters to everyone’s enjoyment irrespective of taste and age. Travel packages for Bali are made to let you have the best of Balinese experience that will leave you stunned and thrilled by the wonders of the picturesque island.

Bali is not just about wallpaper worthy beaches, but a host of other attractions included in packages made by your travel agency. Here is a short list of some fun things to do in Bali while you are there.

Go for a scooter ride

Taking a scooter ride through the island of Bali is one fascinating activity that you may want to experience. You can explore the land and the local culture yourself, having the best of a Balinese holiday. You can inquire about your travel agency to organise for you a solo trip or on one with your close buddies. It will be one experience you will cherish for a lifetime. But always make sure to know the traffic rules here and avoid taking risks while you are driving.

Book a treehouse

You have stayed in hotels on all your trips taken but staying in a treehouse in Bali is a one-of-a-kind experience. It is something you must try at least once in life for that inexplicable thrill of living amidst the greens. A treehouse is quite exciting for the adventure lovers and can give you the much-needed serenity you crave on a relaxing trip.

Bali has a lot of resort hotels to stay in. Still, if you are looking for a uniquely memorable vacation, treehouse accommodation in a spot with rich natural beauty is also available for you. The treehouses have a natural look and are located right in the lap of nature to let you enjoy the unhindered company of the greens. It is also an excellent idea for honeymoon couples if both spouses are nature lovers and want absolute serenity.

Trek to Mount Batur

Adventure lovers would be delighted to have a trekking expedition in Bali. It is one of the most exciting things to do in Bali, and most enthusiasts set the alarm very early to embark on this thrilling trek. It is usually done in the middle of the night with torches and headlamps so that you can go to the top of Mount Batur just at dawn to witness a spectacular sunrise over Mt. Agung.

You will also be excited to know that Mount Batur is an active volcano and you will be trekking over volcanic rocks. However, you must check whether it is safe for trekking before you start the journey because this is, after all, an active volcano.

Wildlife safari

The Bali zoo is a wonderful place for a wildlife safari giving visitors an exotic experience among African lions, wild boars, Bali Mynah, crocodiles and several other species of birds and animals. Nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts will never want to miss out on this adventure.

Bali Bird Park is also another excellent place for bird safari and bird watching. It is the natural habitat for hundreds of species of birds. Watching these endangered and rare species in the lap of nature is the best kind of adventure you will come across. The Bird Safari and Marine Park is also an animal theme park in Bali to preserve the species in an environment close to their natural habitat. Bali is an exotic hotspot for a large number of wild species.

Moreover, this park also has a section for marine animals to have an all-in-one experience here. It is the best place you can take your family and children for an amusing trip. Your travel agency will arrange for these safaris according to the travel packages you choose.

Spend relaxing hours in a spa

After all the splendid activities and thrilling adventures throughout the day, detox yourself before leaving Bali with a deeply relaxing massage at a spa. Those relaxing hours will leave you deeply refreshed and give you renewed energy.

Explore the beaches

Last, but not least, Bali would be left incomplete without spending some beautiful hours on the marvellous beaches. It has got some of the best beaches in the world with vast stretches of soft sands and turquoise waters, making you forget all your woes. Bali has different kinds of beaches to cater to your mood. You can choose whether you wish to be in the party crowd on the beach or want a secluded one where you can spend time with yourself. Rent a beach chair and an umbrella and enjoy your time as the day passes languidly.


Bali can be the ultimate holiday destination to visit with your spouse, your friends and your family for a memorable trip. Not only does it offer you dreamy beaches with an expanse of white sands and azure waters but also lets you have the best of nature, wildlife and local culture. Sailani Tours N Travels can arrange the best travel packages for Bali so that you can forget the world and indulge yourself in unbridled fun in the islands.

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