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Be it the savannah sunsets or sailing through the azure seas or watching the delightful parade of elephants – Kenya has got it all to be your next holiday destination. The vast Savannahs are peppered with an immense and wide variety of wildlife. Traditional people and snow-capped equatorial mountains add soul, colour, and life to the place. Every time you picture Africa, chances are you are thinking about the magnificence that lies hidden in the nooks and crannies of Kenya.

Moreover, the horizon stretches all the way to eternity and is set against the background of a lone acacia silhouette. Snowy mountains line the equator, and only harsh deserts remain within sight. The palm-fringed, lush Indian Ocean coastline or the Great Rift Valley which once threatened to destroy the continent asunder, while the dense forests remain reminiscent in the heart of the continent. Long story short, Kenya is the country that represents epic landforms which have the potential to stir deepest longings in the heart of every traveller during their holidays.

It is Kenya that is known as the Masai Mara land, where millions of zebras and wildebeests migrate with the majestic predators following their wake. The endangered species continue to maintain their foothold. Therefore, experience Kenya's abundance of wildlife with Sailani Tours.

The Must-Visit Places To Spot Wildlife In Kenya

If your adventurous spirit yearns for primordial landscapes, magnificent game, and witnessing indigenous cultures – then you are in for a treat. The African dream safari will take you into the depths of the forest to witness it all. Your Kenya tour packages must include these gorgeous safaris.

The Cat Territory – Masai Mara

It is the most raved about and visited destination in Kenya is the Masai Mara. The high concentration of wildlife found here makes it a premier park. The list of predators includes cheetah, leopard, and lions. There is an attractive population of elephants, buffalos, rhinos, and more.

Besides, it is the place that plays host to one of the most magnificent wildlife spectacles, where more than two million animals move in search of greener pastures while crossing the iconic dramatic rivers. The stunning, world-class reserve with its beautiful panoramas and breath taking scenery – makes it one of the most popular holidays amidst wildlife enthusiasts.

The Hidden Gem – Samburu Savannah

Located in close proximity from Nairobi is another bewitching beautiful land. Your tour packages must include this joyful experience. It is the home to lions, leopards, and massive herds of elephants. If you are in luck, you are bound to spot crocodiles on the riverbanks of the Ewaso Nyiro. Grevy's zebra, beisa oryx, and Somali ostriches also reside here.

The untouched beauty of this place beckons to the heart of every traveller. You will find an abundance of delightful, diverse birdlife. Did you know that hornbills, barbets, large raptors, and weavers can be commonly sighted here?

The Elephant Land – Amboseli

The snow-capped Kilimanjaro in the background looks stunning as large herds of African elephants move around in their tune. It is the land where elephants flourish; however, they are not the only one that lives here. From hyenas to wildebeests, zebras, lions, and an impressive number of bird species also call this land their home. This park will house a fascinating variety of significant habitats, from swamps and marshes to deserts, grasslands and savannahs – you're in for a real treat here.

The Glimpse Of Paradise – Lake Nakuru

This idyllic lake area is surrounded by grasslands and marshes, hills and acacia woodlands covered with picturesque Euphorbia forest. It is here that a wide array of diverse wildlife coexists. The prepossessing glory of Lake Nakuru remains a stunning reserve to both white and black rhinos, buffalos, giraffes, and antelopes.

Furthermore, it is here that Rothschild's colobus monkeys are protected from going extinct. The scenery and undulating hills create a spectacular view. If this isn't the kind of holidays you crave for, then what is?

The Expansive Wilderness – Tsavo West

Another park in Kenya that remains a must-visit, and you must take it in your tour packages. The vast expanse stretches way beyond the horizons and is home to a countless variety of wildlife. However, there is a catch. You need to cover a little extra ground to come across wildlife.

But, the moment you do, it will be a visual feast where you can see the red-ochre soil covered giant elephants, cheetahs, leopards, lions, giraffes, servals, zebras, antelopes, buffalos, antelopes, and hippos too. You have a pretty impressive chance to come across rare species like the famous fringe-eared oryx.


The thriving conservation communities of Africa have made it possible for the abundant wildlife of Kenya to bloom. Enjoy the wilderness that is spread across every inch of this place. Sailani Tours N Travels will make it possible to experience the glory of this land.

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