Places to Explore Amidst the Wonders of China


Are you exploring for a place for your next vacation? Well, China has always been known for its intriguing past and diversified history since the medieval age. It has a lot of spacious locations to visit within the country. From the locations of historical significance to that of the culinary spots, you have it all. Hence, China is one of the best places to spend your holidays and make it memorable.

However, it is vital to make sure that you plan your vacation well and carry along with this list of attractions along with yourself. With so many places to look out across the country, you need to have a good number of days in your bucket.

Here is a list of tourist destinations that you shouldn't skip anyway during your China visit.

Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China holds its position among the 7 wonders of the world, and indeed, it deserves this credit. It is a 6000 km long wall that is a pure depiction of the ancient architectural resemblance. It was built around 2000 years ago, denoting the paradise for the admirers of history.

It is also astounding for international tourists who seem to understand the complexity of the wall. Besides, it is an aspiring tourist destination for the kids as well. This Great Wall of China is the only monument of the world that could be observed even from outer space.

Leshan Giant Buddha

It homes the humongous 230-feet tall Buddhist statue. This statue was established more than 2000 years ago in Leshan, Sichuan (southern province of China). This statue was known as the first-ever Buddhist temple that was ever built on the Chinese territory.
If you are travelling to China for the very first time, the huge towering figure of Buddha will surely be one of the best sights of your tour.

The Forbidden city

How can you miss visiting Beijing if you have ever been to China? This capital city of China is an ancient palace that is located in the heart of Beijing. It is one of the most charming holiday destinations to see in China with a plethora of sights to check out!

There is a 180-acres complex that houses plenty of artefacts and collections that are some way or the other related to the ancient history of China. This city is well planned, demonstrating the fact that China has a lot of advances not only today, but it has been derived from its past as well.

The Temple of Heaven

If you are vacationing with your family, it is quite evident for you to take them along to some of the temples and shrines. The famous Temple of Heaven in China is a beautiful temple that attracts tourists from all across the world. This religious place was constructed around 600 years ago in Beijing. It was known as a place of good harvest, as accredited by the UNESCO as a world heritage site.

Also, if you are a photographer or someone who loves clicking pictures, then you can click some wonderful photos of yours and your companion. Last but not least, this temple is a symbol of Taoism and is thus, a favourite spot for the local people out there.

The Bund, Shanghai

Bund in Shanghai is one of the astounding tourist destinations in China. This impressive waterfront has withstood the test of time, and is thus, known for its charm and beauty. It runs across the Huangpu River and is therefore known for its serene view and spacious skyline.

Terracotta army

Are you fascinated to know about the rich culture and the ancient past of China? If yes, this is a must-go location in China. It houses the sculpture of those 8000-strong armies frozen in time. There are so much to explore! From the generals to the horsemen and warriors, it is no less than a fortune for any visitor to witness the immortal sacrifice of these mortal beings.

It reminds of the sacrifices of the soldiers for Qin Shi Huang- the first known emperor of China. It was lost in time. However, the Chinese farmers finally discovered it in the year 1974.


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