Rugged Thrilling Exotic And Quirky Places To Visit In South Africa

South Africa is the place where the water thunders and natural surroundings shine. It is here that one gets to be a part of the safari superpower. Be it the stunning star-studded skies of the desert, sandy beaches lapped by the two oceans, jagged, lush mountainscape, or black-maned lions that stand in contrast with the Kalahari dunes – this place is renowned for its genuinely astounding diversity. It goes without saying that South Africa holds the jeweled crown when it comes to best safari destinations in the world.

Moreover, it offers the spectacular big five – leopard, lion, elephant, rhino, and buffalo, when the untamed jungles remain accessible to wildlife enthusiasts through reserves and parks. Driving straight to the soul of epic wilderness won't be a trouble. But, it isn't all about wildlife watching or big game sightings.

It teaches you to cherish the little things – a bird chirping away its distinctive chant, a stunning leopard tortoise ambling by the road, an enchanting encounter with seals, great white sharks, or whales along the coast – all in all, it is an adventure that isn't worth missing out on. The ever-changing scenery of South Africa is truly the ultimate canvas where every traveller can paint their activity-packed trip. Are you ready for it to begin?

Are You Ready To Greet The Jungle King?

South Africa stands out for its stunning safari rides. It is synonymous with an iconic and altering experience that you shouldn't miss out on your South Africa holidays. The excellent wilderness experience can be achieved in Kruger National Park. It is also the mightiest national park of the country. Believe us when we tell you that a trip here is bound to sear itself on your mind.

Be it the variety, quantity, or merely accessibility of wildlife – everything about Kruger is unique. It promises a range of activities and comes in a staggering size. From bushwalks to wilderness trails, remote 4WD trails, and mountain biking – you will be presented with the opportunity to be one with the wild. If this isn't one of the best holidays, then what is?

How Do You Feel About Swimming With The Great White Sharks?

No, it isn't an activity that is specifically designed for the certified and advanced level scuba divers. However, you need to be daring and bold enough to dive deep and come face to face with sharks. Embark on an adventure that promises nothing but thrill and adrenaline rush. The chance to come face to face with the great white sharks is not worth missing out on.

If you want to skip shark cage diving, then there is a chance to free swim snorkel with the other species of sharks as for the certified divers who wish to elevate their level of thrill you can go scuba diving.

The Mesmerizing Glory Of Cape Town

Overlooked by the flat-topped Table Mountains, you will have a chance to be a part of walking trails, abseiling, and cable car. Browse through tour and travel packages to suit your travel needs and preferences. Cape Town is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places that you have ever been to. It is stunning all the way from the sea to the sky.

Experience the amalgamation of cuisines, cultures, and landscapes – there is nowhere you would want to be more than. Cape Town. A singularly beautiful city that has been crowned by the magnificence of the Table Mountain National Park.

Experience South Africa On A Road Trip

South Africa is truly the home to sky-high cliffs, rugged terrain, dense jungles, sprawling ocean vistas, lively cities, dramatic deserts, and vibrant villages – all of which are linked together with sprawling roads. It brings to life every road tripper's dream. Soak in the scenic beauty of this place at every stretch, where you are no longer worried about reaching the destination but enjoy the ongoing journey.

uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park Welcomes Every Weary Traveller

If there is any landscape which has the potential to live up to its publicity shot, airbrushed alter ego then it is none other than the green, jagged sweep of the tabletop peaks at the Drakensberg. It creates a stunning boundary between Lesotho – the mountain kingdom and South Africa's borders. It is the place that offers one of a kind and awe-inspiring landscapes.

Explore The Trails

As you know, South Africa is a land of stunning scenes and diverse landscapes. It is truly the playground of every adventure seeker. The perfect way to experience and capture the glory of wild terrains and surreal landscapes is on foot. South Africa promises outstanding hiking trails. You can choose one based on the level of difficulty you are willing to overcome.


South Africa tour and travel packages are all about an unforgettable glimpse into the stunning scenic coastlines, sky-high mountains, indigenous lush green forests, prides of lions, and golden sand beaches – experience it all with Sailani Tours N Travels.

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