The Ever Enchanting Japan Festivals And Cultures

Japan is a place of genuinely timeless beauty; it is where ancient traditions mingle effortlessly with modern life in a manner that feels most natural. Yes, Japan appears (and undoubtedly is) exceedingly modern, however, travelling around it allows wanderers to connect with the traditional culture of the country.

From spending your nights in traditional Japanese inn to sleeping on futons and experiencing life on the tatami mats while padding through the well worn wooden halls – a lot awaits in an exotic vacation to Japan. Now is the time to plan holidays where you can meditate with monks, know the secrets to whisk bitter matcha – powdered green tea into a silky froth, and relish in the splendour of Kyoto geisha dance. Japan truly has the potential to enthral even a jaded traveller.

Check out the fantastic Japanese festivals that are celebrated each year and comes with an intriguing, long history. Matsuris or Japanese festivals are enjoyable, exciting, energetic, and powerful. Get ready to be a part of these welcoming Japanese festivals.

Gion Matsuri

It is undoubtedly one of the most popular festivals in Japan. It goes on throughout July. The primary highlight of this festival is the grandeur with which it is carried out. The Yamaboko Junko or the procession of floats makes it even more exciting. Browse through vacation packages that promise to take you to the soul and heart of this place.

Sapporo Snow Festival

A week-long festival in Japan that promises fun for everyone that visits it. This festival takes place in February and showcases massive ice sculptures which include famous from different corners of the world. It doesn't leave behind manga and movies as well. The glory of the ice sculptures magnifies when they are illuminated after sunset.

Chichibu Night Festival

Early December in Japan is greeted with mesmerizing, colourful lanterns and floats that honour the Japanese God. This two days festival goes way back in time (some 300 years), and people celebrate it with pomp and show. From Kabuki stages to ornate, massive size floats, flutes, and drums – this festival shouldn't be missed out on.

Kanda Matsuri

Another famous Japanese festival that should be a part of your holidays in Japan is this one. People celebrate it in the Kanda Myojin Shrine. It represents the hidden glory of Tokyo. The Gods of Fortune – Daikokuten, the Gods of Luck – Ebisu, and the Feudal Lord – Taira no Masakado, all of these three deities are honoured in the shrine.

Moreover, the portable shrines or Mikoshi is then carried around by thousands and thousands of people. You will be amazed to know the crowd also includes musicians and dancers.

Tenjin Matsuri

Every year Osaka holds a fascinating festival that honours the God of art and learning – Sugawara no Michizane. This festival belongs to the 10th century where the festival starts with rituals and prayers at the Japanese shrine – Tenmangu. A prayer for the prosperity and safety of Osaka also takes place.

The procession constitutes thousands of locals all traditionally dressed with performers, dancers, and drummers. At night, 100 illuminated boats along with a lengthy display of fireworks take place on the river Okawa.

Awa Odori

Come August; Japan prepares itself for the ultimate Japanese festival in Tokushima where talented dancers entertain the hearts and souls of millions of spectators. You will have the chance to witness the way string instruments – shamisen, drums, bells, and flutes accompany the dancers as they audition for their place at the Away Odori.

Folk dance blended with impressive acrobatic elements where men wear tabi footgear, and women dress in kimono is bound to leave you astounded.

Sakura Matsuri

Spring in Japan is greeted with the breathtaking Cherry Blossom Festivals. It takes place in different parts of Japan with Mother Nature deciding the right time for the festival to occur every year. It is undoubtedly a catch if your Japan vacation packages include Sakura Matsuri.

The national flower of Japan is Cherry Blossom or Sakura, and according to Japanese tradition, the everlasting beauty of blossoms must be admired and enjoyed. Though short-lived, these cherry blossoms have a spiritual significance and matches with the theme of living in the moment.


On Honshu, the city of Nara celebrates Omizutori for the first two weeks every March. It is another Buddhist event which goes back centuries. From showering embers on participants to lighting and hanging giant fire torches – this festival is attended for protection against evil and showering people with good luck.


It isn't just the fascinating landscape, ease to travel around, dramatically different yet glorious food, or the overall beauty that surrounds Japan. You must plan your holiday to experience the long list of festivals that make this place one of a kind. Sailani Tours N Travels will offer you the best deals and attractive discount on every vacation packages.

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