The Fantastic Caribbean Islands and Some of the Places of Interest for the Travellers

Caribbean Islands

Travellers are always looking for the best travel destinations. They are in search of new places to discover and spend their leisure in those holiday destinations. Nowadays, when most people are travelling to well-known destinations in the country and around the world, those who seek to spend their holidays in some peaceful places do not have enough places left. All the locations are already overcrowded with a lot of tourists.

Do you want to spend your holidays in the lap of nature with peace? Do you wish some offbeat travel destinations in the Caribbean islands to enjoy the scenic beauty away from the madding crowd? You are in the right place then. The Sailani tours and travels will take you to some of the most beautiful areas of the Caribbean islands to give you the peace you were looking for.

Check out the travel destinations of the Caribbean islands, and the places of interest. If you liked them, check out the very reasonable travel packages offered by us on our website.

Mesmerizing Jamaica and the places of interest

Jamaica is one of the most famous sites of the Caribbean islands. The scenic beauty of the islands and the surrounding coasts are winning the hearts of the tourists right from the start. The kaleidoscopic beauty of the place, along with the fantastic treatment you will get from the people living here is a memory of a lifetime. The delicious Caribbean cuisines, the Caribbean culture will make your heart melt. Jamaica is ready to welcome you with its best sun, sea, sand, music, and the breathtaking scenic beauties.
Check out the spots of interest in Jamaica listed below.

Montego Bay

Montego Bay is one of the most fantastic tourist attractions in Jamaica. Montego Bay, the capital of Saint James Parish on the Northern coasts of Jamaica. Montego Bay is a significant cruise ship port with a lot of resorts and courses outside the commercial core. There are some of the best beaches that include the Doctor’s Cave beach, the Walter Fletcher Beach, etc.

Moreover, snorkelling and diving at the coral reefs are some of the most amazing attractions of Montego Bay. Whereas these are the things you can do in the morning, the nightclubs have made the nightlife even more fascinating for the tourists.


Negril is a town in western Jamaica. It is known for the miles of sandy beaches here. The Long Seven Mile Beach is the most iconic tourist attractions in Negril. Besides, the Negril Lighthouse will amaze you as well as the sunset of the town.
Spend your days snorkelling on the coral reefs of Negril, the nights at the classy, sophisticated bars, Negril is one of the best sightseeing destinations in Jamaica.

Saint Lucia Welcomes you with some majestic scenic beauties

The Caribbean islands are full of majestic scenic attractions. There are a lot of places in the Caribbean islands that amaze tourists every time they go for a visit. However, whenever you say the Caribbean islands, Saint Lucia will stand proudly out of the other famous places of the Caribbean islands.

Saint Lucia welcomes and amazes everyone stepping on the coastline of the place with its scenic beauty and charisma. The place will hug you tight with the fresh air and sunlight and will embrace you with the warmth of the famous coastal areas. Named after a woman, St. Lucia fascinates everyone with the coastal beaches, lush rainforests and amazing, and authentic cuisines.
Here are some of the places of attraction for your St. Lucia tour.

Toraille Falls

Toraille Falls is one of the biggest attractions of St. Lucia. After entering the gate by paying the entrance fees, there will be a small botanical garden followed by the 10m tall Toraille Falls that is one of the biggest tourist attractions of the country.

St. Lucia Volcano tour

St. Lucia has the world’s only drive-in volcano, and it is one of the biggest attractions for the tourists in the country. The Sulphur spring and the mud bath followed by the volcano tour would be fun things to do in your days at St. Lucia. A lot of tourists have agreed on the mud bath to be a highlight of their tour to St. Lucia.

Gros Islet Friday Night Street party

Come and enjoy the fantastic Friday Night Street Parties at the Gros Islet. It is one of the most exotic tourist attractions in St. Lucia. It will be best if you try this fantastic tourist attraction once.


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