The Incredible Things That Make the Carnival at Rio De Janeiro So Popular

Rio Carnival

Did you know it is Rio De Janeiro that throws one hell of a party? It is so incredibly impressive that you can't get over it for years to come. Be it the joyful dancing, the music, the delightful crowd, or only the transformation of the vibe of the whole place that makes it so amazing. And, this sensational Rio Carnival continues for days at a stretch. Can you believe it?

Though the carnival starts on a Friday and comes to an end by the following Tuesday – the city switches to the fun mode and begins the party months before. If you have plans for a vacation for February 2020, then we urge you to make them ASAP. Reach out to Sailani Tours, a reliable travel agency and make the necessary bookings because you can't miss out on the carnival that Rio de Janeiro is about to have.

Experiencing The Carnival

Pagans celebrated the arrival of spring during the Middle Ages. It was the Portuguese who brought it to Brazil and thus marked the beginning of the celebration. However, the exact details of this fabulous annual funfair are somewhere lost in history.

Be it the delectable flavour of the local cuisine or the African beats, the fun costumes – this carnival is genuinely one of a kind. So, prepare your vacation to be of sleepless nights, caipirinhas, samba, mingling, colour, and crowd.

The Must-Do Things During The Carnival At Rio de Janeiro

How can you attend the biggest party on the planet without knowing what to do? Yes, the colour, costumes, music, dancing, and food make it exceptional, but you must be aware of more than that. The party takes place throughout the city and happens in every possible manner. We warn you, and this can be a little overwhelming.

Book Your Tickets, Fast!

Sambódromo is the location where all the A-league samba schools of Rio compete. It is one of the most integral aspects of any carnival. You will have a choice of tickets based on your budget. The show starts with the smaller schools, and the main show is stolen by the glamorous contenders beginning from Sunday. You will want to watch this, and for that, you got to book your tickets.

Carnival Is All About The Parade

We don't have to tell you the importance of a parade in a carnival. The carnival that goes on here is something that you can be a part of. Buy a costume and enter the extravaganza to feel the adrenaline rush through your veins. Show off how much you are enjoying every second of this with your exceptional dance moved as you dress up and mingle Rio style.

There Is A Carnival Ball

Another thing that you must be a part of is a carnival ball. You've got the freedom to choose from a wide range of choices. Be it popular, expensive, budget-friendly, or cheap – there are endless ones you can drop by. Though it isn't mandatory, you can always dress in fun costumes to feel more like a local.

It Is The Time To Mingle

The Block Party that goes on in Rio de Janeiro is truly infamous. The street band plays as the people continue to follow and cherish it. Everyone follows the procession drinking, dancing, and having the best time of their lives. It takes place all over Rio. However, it is Cordão do Bola Preta that has a massive crowd and the best Block Party. Your travel agency is bound to take care of this.

Show Off Your Samba Moves!

Your mind is about to be blown. There is this massive space – Praça Onze that is close to Sambadrome. Here, a vast number of skilled musicians and professional dancers accumulate. It is here that live concerts take place. You'll find an abundance of food stalls to rebuild your energy and continue the fun. The energy that this place has is mesmerized.

So, it would be best if you made it a point to visit. It is the place to get a glimpse of the real deal. The vivacious energy this place has is enough to make you go weak on your knees.

Friday Nights = Arcos de Lapa

If you don't visit the Lapa neighbourhood, especially during the carnival, then you are about to be regretting your decision. The place is brimming with entertaining bars, clubs, and restaurants for you to check out. But, the real fun takes place on the streets. Oh, the sheer magnificence of it!

Moreover, the barbeque stands, an addictive atmosphere, and cheap alcohol make the site even more outstanding.


We can't stress enough over the beauty, fun, and glamour that takes place here during the carnival. For incredible deals, offers, and discounts check out Sailani Tours N Travels.

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