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Thailand is the place that is adored all around the globe for its food-obsessed, friendly, curious, cultured, historic and hedonistic nature. Every traveller that comes across the land of Thailand is greeted with a smile. It is as golden and captivating as the glittering temples of this country.

Thailand continues to be a bountiful table where everyone's senses and taste buds are up for a feast. It is warm, generous, relaxed, and refreshing – all at once. Thailand's rural heartland lies outside the cluttered towns and cities, a mix of tropical forests, rice paddies, and villages have the soulful rhythms of the mesmerizing agricultural clock. The fields and forests in the north bump up against the sparkling blue mountain which is further decorated with stunning silver waterfalls and are honeycombed by fascinating deep caves.

Moving down south, the limestone cliffs tend to poke out their heads from the cultivated landscapes. The celestial world of Thailand remains a close confidant of this particular Buddhist nation – the religious devotion is both ubiquitous and colourful. Golden Buddhas and gleaming temples frame both the urban and rural landscape – experience all of this and more. Choose the tour and travel packages with Sailani Tours that promises you the best of Thailand.

The Grand Palace

Going back 200 years in time, the series of beautiful buildings gold-tipped and breathtaking with their charm is undoubtedly the most famous destination here. The complex history and alluring grandeur are palpable.

Besides, this place continues to be the official residence for the Kings of Siam since the year 1782. Wat Pho (Thailand's giant-size reclining Buddha) and Emerald Buddha remain in close proximity of this place. If you come here at sunset, the illuminated view of the whole area will knock you off your feet.

Wat Pho

Amidst all the major sights in Bangkok – Wat Pho remains an absolute favourite of all. The complex comprises of several superlatives – be it the largest reclining Buddha, the earliest centre of the country for public education, or an impressive image collection of Buddha – also the largest in the country.

Moreover, your vacation will remain incomplete without visiting Wat Pho.

Floating Markets

One of the most amazing experiences that you can have in Thailand is checking out the floating Markets. These traditional markets are set up in boats where you will get to have a glimpse of the way locals live their lives. Each boat is piled with several shopping items, all of which will be fascinating enough for you to make a purchase.

The Beaches Of Thailand

Of all the places, the beaches present in this country go on top of every wanderlust's must-visit places. From swimming around the Krabi sea cliffs to snorkelling amidst the Mu Ko Ang Thong's shallow coral gardens.

Don't forget to indulge in a session of scuba diving, either. Ko Lipe's wild white beaches will be perfect for that. Be it sunbathing or enjoying a relaxing afternoon at the beach – there are endless possibilities for you to enjoy.


Spend an afternoon strolling around the 417 years old Thai capital, and you will cherish the pleasant feeling of an open-air museum. Every corner of this place is dripping with brilliance and demonstrates structures that go centuries back in time.

Furthermore, the ruins that remain from Sam's second capital is worth drooling over. If you are fond of both art and architecture, then this place will offer that to you in abundance.

Mu Ko Chang National Park

Go ahead and spend your vacation days in the wilderness and soak yourself amidst the surrounding beauty of nature. You will enjoy wasting your time on the luxurious white sand beaches while boredom can be effectively shooed away with diving and snorkelling. Be a part of kayaking, diving, fishing, or simply being a part of the whimsical waterfalls.

Oriental Spa

Oriental Spa ranks first in the long list of all premier spas that are present in the world. Doesn't that mean you should give it a try? Couples must give it a try. From the relaxing, rejuvenating spa session conducted by highly trained professionals to the serene atmosphere in which it will be carried out – everything will push you towards a therapeutic experience.

Erawan National Park

From the mystical Hindu mythology, the name Erawan has been derived. It stands for the white elephant with three heads. Check out this seven-tiered impressive waterfall that will offer you the opportunity to check out several intriguing animals and birds. Do spend some time exploring the caves.


You are bound to be spellbound if Thailand stands next in your list of must-visit destinations. Check out all of these exciting places and more with the continuous help, guidance, and experience of world-renowned Sailani Tours N Travels.

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