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Dubai is the magical concoction of life-changing, extensive traditions and ambitious futuristic visions that are stunningly wrapped into a starkly poignant and expressive desert splendour. The glamorous playground that is Dubai is the ultimate holiday hot spot in the United Arab Emirates. The city, which is all about blinding lights, high rises, shopping malls, luxury, and leisure, has magnificently transformed itself into being the dreamland destination.

It is tough not to drool over the admirable, ambitious, and indefatigable verve of Dubai – a city which has the potential not only to dream up mesmerizing projects but also bring them to life. Dubai has proved to be a society with excellent craving, a place that is responsible for the birth of stunningly tall towers, palm-shaped islands, grand projects, and sci-fi concepts.

Dubai or shall we call it a ‘shopping haven' for the unsurpassable collection of stores and gigantic malls present it. From appearing as a Persian palace to an Italian palazzo – tourists are lured in with the surreal attractions that include the giant aquarium, open-air botanical garden, or indoor ski slope. You must not forget the traditional souks. They are the beehives of activity that constantly hums with timeless bargaining banter. Plan vacations that include cultural dynamism, nocturnal action, shopping splendour, and unlimited fun.

Best Places To Visit

Here are the must-visit places and things to do in Dubai to tick off from your sightseeing list.

The Iconic Burj Khalifa

Nobody can miss Burj Khalifa for it stands proudly at 828 metres high. The tallest tower dominates the Dubai skyline in the world. But, to appreciate the true glory of this monumental building, you have to be inside it. We don't have to describe you how stunning the view is going to be from the top and will make your vacations memorable.

The Sensational Dubai Mall

Nobody would dare contradict you if you called the Dubai mall – the ultimate shopper's paradise. With more than 1300 shops, this place can be referred to as the small shopping city and no longer a shopping mall. From fascinating aquariums to the giant ice rink, indoor theme park, multiple food outlets, and a dinosaur skeleton – this place is bound to win you over. The strong presence of European labels makes it even more exciting.

The Historic District Of Al Fahidi

The hustle-bustle of the city along with its traffic fades away, and all you experience is a melodious hum that labyrinths the lanes of this beautifully restored heritage area. Bastakiya Quarter with its sand-coloured houses and narrow walking lanes are a sight not worth missing.

Moreover, you will find an array of craft shops, museums, courtyard cafes, cultural exhibits, boutique hotels, and art galleries here as well. Check out holiday packages that include a tour of these gems.

The Awe-Inspiring Dubai Fountain Show

It is the world's largest choreographed show of the fountains, and you can witness it in the Dubai Mall. The dancing water show with its high rising water jets can pierce the air and reach to 150 metres. A show that never gets old and is enjoyable for all.

The Old-World Charm Of The Gold Souks

The covered arcade in Deira will prove that everything that glitters here is genuinely gold or silver. Dozens and dozens of lined up shops overflow with stunning jewellery collection. Be it lavish wedding necklaces in gold or delicate pearl earrings – you can find everything right here. Trust us, simply watching will also prove to be quite a treat. Spend one of your life's loveliest evenings here, hence must include it in your holiday packages.

The Island Charm Of Palm Jumeirah

Another architectural triumph of Dubai lies in the human-made island of Palm Jumeirah. This palm tree-shaped island is the largest island that is artificial. It is dripping with human ingenuity and innovation. It is one of the to die for attractions in the city.

The Winding Waterways – Dubai Creek

Yes, Dubai has earned its name for the glamour and glitz that is strewn in every nook and cranny of the place. Besides, the Dubai Creek that will always be the soul of this city. Enjoy the captivating history that is associated with this place as you enjoy a tour of the Dubai Museum. Your vacation packages must include a ride on the traditional Abra across the water.


Dubai is one of the places in the world that needs to be explored to believe everything you hear about it is true. Be it the Dubai Marina or the Burj Khalifa – the record-breaking architecture of this place stands alongside the traditional quarters whereas human-made islands with their striking coastline have the power to steal your breath away. Sailani Tours N Travels will offer you customized vacation packages that are based on your preferences while providing unbeatable discounts and offers.

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