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Have you arranged trips and travels for refreshment? Is it a corporate trip? Are you going to abroad for education? Whatever be your purpose, you cannot get the best zest of your journey until you have savoured the favourite dishes.

Moreover, most of the enthusiastic travellers in this world are foodies. With the culinary activities, a trip to a remote city or country can never give you pleasure. The food lovers in this world always look for the best places, where they can have delight from varied cuisines.

Mendoza in Argentina

Mendoza has become famous for wine lovers. However, the culinary scene of this place has also turned out to be attractive to the foodies. Andeluna Cellars and Bodega Ruca Malen are the recognized restaurants, where you can have your wine with delicious lunch dishes during your trips and travels.

Besides, there is an amazing dining atmosphere at Siete Fuegos. You can take your seat in the favourite restaurant and see the spectacular Andes mountain range.

Paris in France

It is a paradise to the foodies in this world. The street foods from local markets are always remarkable to tourists from different countries. You can make a full-day tour for tasting these streets. While you have become tired during your sightseeing journey, it is the time to take a break and taste the Croque Monsieurs, escargot and Croissants. Make your itinerary enjoyable with these treats.

San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian is one of the best food destinations, where you can find lots of 3-star restaurants and bars. To the foodies, it is the culinary capital. Moreover, pintxo bars have attracted the attention of travellers. Inspired with Basque gastronomic societies of the locality, some restaurants have Chef’s Table Dinner. You can find a blurred line between the dining room and kitchen room.

Hawaii islands in the USA

While you love taking your dishes from food trucks, Hawaii is the right destination to you. There is no need to visit the high-class restaurants for the best foods in the city. You will surely find the tasty dishes in the street market, parking lot and different other sites.

Moreover, get the unique flavours from these foods during your vacations. Hawaii chefs know the way of applying the classic culinary techniques to Hawaiian ingredients.

Ljubljana in Slovenia

We may call it Europe in miniature. The food culture of this place is similar to that of the Eastern European region. This small capital city has the best coffee spots. Furthermore, the burger lovers would not feel frustrated by having a visit to Ljubljana. The country restaurants have a cosy, rustic atmosphere.

Thus, during your vacations, visit the cuisine regions of Ljubljana and have the fantastic flavour of various foods. Most of the foodie travellers love eating the gibanica cake that blends fruity strudel and shortbread. The creative chefs offer different other tasty Slovenian cuisines for the travellers.

Corsica in France

Do you love French cuisine? Still, you prefer sticking to the Italian ones. Then, the best destination for you is Corsica. This mountainous island has a blend of Italian and French food cultures.

The adventurous travellers can reach the seafront and hilltop restaurants and enjoy the desired foods, including the roasted lamb, sausages and wild boar stew. Now, from 2019, the travellers would find it easier to reach these restaurants due to the launch of British Airways. You may also look for a travel agency to make your vacations hassle-free.


Have you dreamt of enjoying the conventional food culture in Africa? Then, choose Ethiopia vacation packages this year. A spongy, sour flatbread, Injera is one of the staple foods. Add the dahl-like curries, stews and salad in your lunch.

Admittedly, it would be the best break from the boring diet chart at your home. There are also special menus for the veggies. At any place of Ethiopia, you can find Shiro be Kibbe, a dish of chickpeas and pulses, cooked with seasoned butter. Besides, Ethiopians have the ritual of drinking coffee as a sign of friendship.

Ho Chi Minh City

When you are looking for the Vietnamese dishes, this is the right destination to you. Interestingly, you will get a blend of Cantonese and French flavours in this place. The culinary delights of this place have attracted several visitors from various parts of this world. Let us introduce you to some of the best restaurants.

To have a tasty snack, you may visit Fanny Ice Cream. To get the memorable dinner dishes, you can reach Square Once. Similarly, to offer drinks to your dear ones, you can choose the Chill Bar.


Now, have you made your decision on the long food-centric vacation? Every country in this world provides you with a genuine taste of their culinary culture. Take time to find the best packages for trips and travels to visit your favourite destinations. Sailani Tours N Travels is a reliable site and travel agency, where you can make your decision on the travel packages.

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